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10 Random Thoughts On 2nd-Year-Old Birthday - Ooosh Coworking Space
  • 2018-01-16

10 Random Thoughts On Our 2-Year-Old Birthday

10 Random Thoughts On Our 2-Year-Old Birthday

Ooosh Coworking is now 2 years old.

We are still a toddler, but growing and learning as we speak.

If 2016 is the year of learning how to crawl, 2017 is the year of learning how to fall.

Having said that, I’m sure we will learn how to walk by 2018.


As an entrepreneur myself, this might be a good opportunity for me to summarise a little on the happenings in 2017.

Not trying to inspire or teach anyone.

Just an honest and pragmatic sharing.

Here’s a list of my 10 random thoughts on our 2-year-old birthday.


1) Seeing startups growing out of our coworking space gives us the most satisfaction of all.

2) This is a people business and a give-first business.

3) We’re truly lucky to have a tremendous team of staff.

4) We had less public exposure this year, but way more referrals than before.

5) When competition is fierce, stick to what you’ve been doing and do an even better job at it.

6) Never sell your partnership offer. Deals should sell itself.

7) Mistakes are inevitable, the ability to realise and rectify determines where you’ll stand.

8) Guys & girls, take your umbrella home.

9) We should really start making use of our rooftops.

10) We are pulling Lai Chi Kok and Kwun Tong closer in 2018 by connecting all coworking members via a to-be-launched mobile app. Please stay tuned.



Jeffrey Cheng

CEO / Co-Founder
Ooosh For Startups Coworking Space