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Ooosh For Startups正式踏入一歲 • Ooosh Is Now One Year Old
  • 2017-01-16

Ooosh For Startups正式踏入一歲 • Ooosh Is Now One Year Old

Ooosh For Startups正式踏入一歲 • Ooosh Is Now One Year Old

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今天是2017年1月16日,Ooosh For Startups 正式踏入一歲。





有尋找過 Coworking Space 的朋友都可能會知道,全港數年間前前後後出現了數十間 Coworking Space。

作為後來者的我們,在一眾競爭者中找到落腳點,不得不感謝這一年來為 Ooosh 盡心盡力的 Community Management Team。

我們公司規模很小、資源也不多,比起其他有企業支持的 Coworking Space,我們只是一粒豆。

但如果不是你們努力不懈用心思和誠意把一眾 Member 連結起來,建立屬於 Ooosh 的 Community,Ooosh 就只會淪為一間 Business Centre,不配稱為一間真 • Coworking Space。


據我所知,香港眾多 Coworking Space Founder 都是想解決香港租金昂貴這 Pain Point。

但如果我說 Ooosh 的誕生,跟這 Pain Point 完全無關,你會相信嗎?


一年半前在籌辦 Ooosh 的我,是一個傻佬,因為我想要解決的,是我們香港經濟上迷失方向的狀況、是我們年輕一代缺乏發展焦點的問題。




我不單止希望 Ooosh 可以成為一個創業平台,做一些資源配對工作。

我更希望 Ooosh 以實際行動推動香港創科,一方面把創科項目帶進傳統商界人士的 Investment Portfolio 裡面,同時透過團隊的商業人脈及創業知識,誘導本地一眾 Seed Stage Startup,發掘他們的潛力。


當然,今天 Ooosh 這螳臂是不足以推動這創科巨輪,目前距離這願景還有十萬八千里,但至少今天歷練了365天的 Ooosh,已替我們的 Member 充當了 Facilitator 的角色,提供營運上、策劃上、以及資金上的配對支援。


那究竟一歲大的 Ooosh 具體成績如何? 我們非常幸運,這年的成績表看上去也挺不賴:

1) 100+ Live Memberships

2) 50% Retention Rate

3) 95% Occupancy Rate

4) 15+ Tech-Related Meetups / Events (Partners including Braintree, Dragon Law, Betatron, Tech Verse, Ideas For Entrepreneurs, Riotly Social MediaSino Africa, etc.)

5) 5+ Startups Doubled Their Team Size Since Their Stay At Ooosh

6) 4500+ Organic Social Media Followers (Facebook & Instagram)




簡單的說,我們的目標不單止要 Expand Horizontally,我們同時更在計畫 Expand Vertically。

希望屆時繼續獲得大家支持,亦希望我們的團隊能夠繼續協助更多 Startup 在市場站穩陣腳。



Jeffrey, Ooosh For Startups Co-founder


Ooosh For Startups

Ooosh For Startups


Today’s 16 Jan 2017, Ooosh For Startups’ one year mark.

It may be a little corny, but we really need to thank all of those friends that have supported us, trusted us and unconditionally helped us over this past year.

The 8000sq ft-ish space that was still bare and empty 365 days ago is now filled up to the brim.

Without you all, we would still be playing with our own shadows.


Anybody that has tried looking for a coworking space in HK would know that there’s been an explosion of new coworking spaces in recent years.

As one that was relatively late to the game, managing to carve out a slice for us among all the competition, we’d have to thank Ooosh’s Community Management Team that have been working tirelessly for the past year.

We’re a small company with limited resources so compared to some of the other coworking spaces, we’re the runt of the litter.

If it wasn’t for the Community Management Team connecting our members through hardwork and sincerity, building up a community here at Ooosh, we’d be nothing more than another business center and not worthy of the name – coworking space.


As far as I know, the many founders of coworking spaces in Hong Kong set out to solve the same pain point – sky high rents.

However, if I were to say that this pain point had nothing to do with Ooosh’s inception, would you believe me?


The me that was planning Ooosh a year and a half ago was a dreamer,  hoping to address the lack of direction on economic growth for the youths in Hong Kong starting with a coworking space.

It was a grand vision, so grand that I wouldn’t normally mention it in front of people. Till date, mentioning it still feels awkward.


Sadly, I’m still a dreamer today, might even be in a deeper slumber than ever.

I not only hope that Ooosh can become an entrepreneurial platform providing networking & resource matching opportunities, I’m going a step further and hoping Ooosh can actually help fuel Hong Kong’s tech innovation, bringing tech innovation projects into traditional institutional investors’ portfolios on one hand; guiding Hong Kong’s many seed stage startups and realising their potentials on the other.


Of course, Ooosh’s diminutive strength today is not yet enough to move Goliath. We’re still far away from this dream, but at least today’s Ooosh that has gone through the past 365 day’s honing has started acting as a facilitator for our members, offering support in terms of operation, strategy and capital matchmaking.


So what has one-year-old Ooosh achieved? We’ve been quite lucky and the report card doesn’t look too shabby this year.

1) 100+ Live Memberships

2) 50% Retention Rate

3) 95% Occupancy Rate

4) 15+ Tech-Related Meetups / Events (Partners including Braintree, Dragon Law, Betatron, Tech Verse, Ideas For EntrepreneursRiotly Social MediaSino Africa, etc.)

5) 5+ Startups Doubled Their Team Size Since Their Stay At Ooosh

6) 4500+ Organic Social Media Followers (Facebook & Instagram)


SOOOOOO, what’s next?

It’s not hard to venture a guess but we’re going to leave you hanging for the time being.

What we will say is, we have plans to not only expand horizontally but also vertically.

We hope that we can still have everyone’s support then, and our team can continue to help more startups find their footing in the market.



Jeffrey, Ooosh For Startups Co-founder


Ooosh Team

Ooosh Team